The kitchen screen is the UI where the chef can see incoming orders and manage them. By managing, we mean changing the state of the meal from “pending” to “ready“. This tutorial will let you know all what you need to know about the kitchen screen.

Who can use the kitchen screen ?

Basically the chef and the administrators can have access to the kitchen screen. However, you can use the permission manager module to grant the access to others roles as well. The configuration has been made this way to ensure a fair and balanced permission attribution.

How to enable the kitchen screen ?

You need to make sure that the kitchen screen is not disabled on the kitchen settings. You need to access to “restaurant settings” from NexoPOS settings.

Now from the restaurant settings, you need to search for the option “Disable Kitchen Screen” and make sure it’s set to “No”.

Once that you’re set, make sure to save your settings.

How to use the kitchen screen

Once that the kitchen screen is enabled, you’ll be able to access to is on the restaurant menu available on the dashboard. Click on “Restaurant > Kitchen View“.

Note that if that option doesn’t appear on your system, then probably the kitchen view has been disabled in favor of multiple kitchens view explained here.

How does the kitchen works ?

If an order is placed from the POS, wether it’s a paid or not paid orders, that order will be send to the kitchen. You have the choice using the permission manager to disable sending to the kitchen in order to force a payment of an order before it’s being cooked at the kitchen. Once the order is send to the kitche, you have access to the kitchen features which are the same wether you’re using a single kitchen view or a multiple kitchen view.

  • Order Code : This is the reference of the order. It can either be a random code or a date with a number sequence.
  • Order Type: this is the acutal order type. It can be “Dine in”, “Take away” or “Delivery”
  • Order Details : this section hold specific informations about the order. For example, if the order is a Dine in order, the place where the order has been placed will be shown.
  • Order Items : list all the items choosed by the customer including the modifiers.
  • Order Controls: list all actions which can be performed over the item.

Start cooking a meal or item

Each order items can be cooked individually. In order to start cooking an item, you need to select that (click hover the row), and the line will be hightlighted in blue.

Now you can click on “Cook” to start cooking the meal. Doing that will change the state of the order from “pending” to “on going“. And this information will be reflected when the waiter/cashier check the table history. Once the cooking is ready, you need to select the same item again and click on “Ready“.