The Point Of Sale (POS) is the most used User Interface (UI).  It’s basically where the cashier should sell your products and he has to be efficient. The POS comes with many features which include the search field. However, the search field is not a regular field which can be used out of the box. There is a configuration required and this is probably the reason why many are confused as to the use of the search field.

Today, we’ll covert all about the search field on the Point of Sale Screen of NexoPOS. Let’s get started.

What makes the search field so special?

The search field is made to let you search an item in two ways :

  • An indication (The first letters) of the item name, barcode, SKU, category name.
  • A strict search of the item barcode or SKU

The first use case is estimative and can be used to have a set of results (a list of items which might match the search result). Usually, this leads to filtering the shown items on the POS. The second, more restrictive case allows you to directly view the desired product and then add it to the shopping cart. Thus, there are two ways to configure the search field of your POS: Automatic search and manual search.

Configuration of automatic search: Use of a bar-code reader

Beforehand, two conditions are necessary to activate the automatic search of the products: the activation of the option of the quick search then the activation of the auto submission. Concretely, auto-submission allows you to use your barcode reader to identify and place labeled products on the shopping cart. Thus, you’ll not have to click anymore on the search field for any use of your barcode reader. One of the important advantages of the auto submission feature is that it can be used if the barcode reader does not automatically submit the decrypted code.

The activation of this option is very simple, you must enter in the menu settings of your application (1), then click on the sub-menu “Checkout” (2), then select the tab “Searches” (3). Once on this page, you’ll have two fields to fill out, one to activate the quick search and the other to activate the auto-submission. Finally, you just have to save your settings (4).

Once on the POS user interface, it’s still possible to use the manual search when the automatic mode is activated. To do this you simply switch between the search button (1) for manual mode and the barcode button (2) to return to automatic mode. They are located to the left of the search field.

Configuration of manual search: Use of bar search.

This configuration is the default value of NexoPOS. if you have set up the automatic search, you can switch to manual search as well. To do this, simply follow the same steps as configuring the automatic search. All you need to do is change the fields required for this purpose. Of course, this change will be permanent.

You’ll be able to indicate either the name, the category, the bar code or the SKU for more precision. When you have a fairly large quantity of items, we advise you to activate at least the quick search.

Well, it’s all for this tutorial. If this post helped you to solve a problem related to the search of items or if you still have issues with the configuration of your system, don’t hesitate to express it by leaving us a comment. We’ll answer you as soon as possible.