Before starting using NexoPOS, you need to register a licence on Nexo Platform. This is the platform used to ensure the compatibility with your system and our cloud services, and to activate your licence. So you might need to register first if it’s not yet the case.

Download Nexo Updater to activate your licence

We’ll assume for this tutorial that you already have registered your licences on Nexo Platform. The next step is to download Nexo Updater, which is a module responsible of providing a one click update and to validate your installation. Nexo Updater is available on the store and can be downloaded for free.

Since it’s a Tendoo CMS module, you can install it as any regular module from the dashboard. After the activation of the module, you’ll be redirected to the authentication page.

This authentication page, let you connect NexoPOS to Nexo Platform in order to have access to the features offered by the platform.

From there, you just have to access the authorization, by clicking on “Accept”. You’ll be redirected to NexoPOS where you’ll have to choose a licence for the current domain. Remember, a licence can only be used once per domain. However, you also have a the capacity to deactivate a licence.

Choose a licence and click on “Validate the licence“, and confirm the popup which will appear. That should show the “Thank you” page. Note that the licence validation is not possible if there is no internet connection.

Now your licence is activated on your domain. If you want to change your domain, you need to deactivate your licence.

How to deactivate a licence on a domain

Why would you deactivate you licence ? This can occur if you want to change your domain for example. Basically all you have to do, is to go to the licence management menu. This menu is available under NexoPOS Settings.

The only action to perform here, once that you’re ready to move to the next step, is to click on “Unuse the licence“. Note that once you do that, the installation won’t be available unless you provide a new licence (or the same) to use on the domain. Your data won’t be deleted, but it’s wise to have a backup before this process.

That’s all, you know now how to activate a licence for NexoPOS (and how to deactivate it).