Nexo Print Server is a Windows application, which help you tou have a better receipts for NexoPOS and Gastro. Before validating the licence, you need to purchase it on CodeCanyon. We’ve yet covered how to install Nexo Print Server. Now we’re about explore how to validate your installation.

How to validate a licence for Nexo Print Server

The first step in order to validate a licence, is to add your licence on Nexo Platform. it’s a required step for the validation. Adding a licence on Nexo Platform has yet been explained. So you need to refer to that tutorial in order to proceed.

You just need to provide your username and password as registered on Nexo Platform. If the username and the password are correct, the licence selection should be visible. You just have to choose the licence that you want to use for this installation

If your licence is not yet activated, you should be able to use it. Otherwise, the licence is activated on another installation. You need to deactivate the licence first before using it again. Click on “Use the licence” and that will take you to the dashboard of Nexo Print Server. If it’s not the case, please contact us at [email protected]

You might now want to know how to use Nexo Print Server 2.2. This is explained on another tutorial.

How to deactivate a licence for Nexo Print Server

If you would like to install Nexo Print Server on another computer, you can deactivate your licence on your current computer. So from the dashboard, you just need to click on the profile icon on the top right of the window.

Then click on “Close session”. basically this attempt to deactivate the licence from Nexo Platform. Once again, you neeed to have a valid internet connection before doing this.

That will take you back to the login page.