Working with various customers is a challenge which needs to be raised the right way. The most difficulties come when you have to reproduce an issue faced by a customer on your environment. We’ve had then been working on a solution which could ease the importation and exportation of settings from a customer environment (installation) to ours. The solution for this is the Export Options module which is a free module that could be included on the core of NexoPOS. That’s what we’ll cover today.

What does the Export Options module do?

This module helps you to export your current store settings as a “.json” file. If you have the multistore enabled and try to export from a store, the settings of that store will be extracted to the .json file. However, while importing settings, all the settings within the .json file are imported. This means that if you export from a single store enabled installation, and try to import on a sub store, that won’t work. It won’t because the settings are restored as they are extracted. You shouldn’t really use this module as an ultimate backup solution, but probably with updates, it could be possible. For now, the module has been essentially made to have our installation matching the customer installation with settings.

How to use Export Options?

Since it’s a module, you need to install the export options from the dashboard. Once installed, make sure to enable the module from the module list. You’ll then notice a new menu “Export / Import” on the sidebar of the dashboard.

The UI of the module is simple. You have a tabbed interface with “Export” and “Import” labels. Obviously, on Export, you do export your settings, and on Import, you do import your settings.

There are no settings to configure. Once you get the “export-options.json”, you could share that with the support team. You can use the import tab if you want to use the settings that you’ve previously exported. It could be on another hosting that you want to see the settings matched.

You can download the module by clicking the following Button.

Download Export Module