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Nexo Print Server : A Print Solution For NexoPOS & Gastro

Nexo Print Server : a print solution for NexoPOS & Gastro

Over months, NexoPOS has been using the browser to generate a receipt and that involved having to deal with the print popup for a result which wasn’t always good enough for a receipt. We’ve been, since one month, working on a new print solution for NexoPOS and Gastro, and we would like to introduce it today, since the stable version 1.0.0 has been released on Windows 10 for x64 architecture.

Youtube Tutorial

New development experience

Since years we’re working on Web application build with PHP and JavaScript. Our new challenge was to create a Windows application which can offer a more faster printing experience, than what we currently have on NexoPOS and Gastro.

Nexo Print Server

This new software is build using Electron and some NodeJS modules. You can download it from here. This link takes you to the installation package, so that all you have to do is to install it and run it.

If during the installation you have an issue, please let us know, since we’re experiencing Windows Applications, we might need to adjust it according to each users operating system.

Requirements in order to use Nexo Print Server

Nexo Print Server for now is a free application available on our store. You can dowload it for free. But in order to use it, you’ll have to connect with Nexo Platform, the place where all our customers register and validate their licence. Obviously you should then have a NexoPOS licence (a.k.a purchase code).

After having granted the access to your licences (available on Nexo Platform), you’ll see a new windows like this  :

If the window has not changed, please consider try to authenticate once again. Once you’re logged, which mean you have a NexoPOS licence on your Nexo Platform account, you’ll be able to “Proceed”.

How to run the server

Running the server is required if you would like to expose your printers to NexoPOS & Gastro. Once connected, you can immedialtely “Run the server” by clicking on the mentionned button.

When the server is running, NexoPOS can now display the printers available on your system. You can move to the Checkout Settings and check the printers.

In order for NexoPOS to be able to display printers, you need to define the Nexo Print Server URL. Usually the default URL is used : http://localhost:3236,  but you can use if you be able to use it even offline. Once done, don’t forget to save your settings.

Now, If you can’t see your printers listed on the “choose a printer” options, please let us know.

You can then select a printers, and make sure NexoPOS will use Nexo Print Server as a Printing Gateway by adjusting that option.

Now for NexoPOS you’re ready to go. Just access to the POS and try to proceed to a sale. Make sure your printer is available and turned on. When you proceed to sale, the old regular print popup won’t appear anymore and the receipt should be send more faster and silently to your printer. If it’s not the case, please let us know.

Here is how a receipt generated by Nexo Print Server looks like :

In comparison to the Browser print result, it’s easy to make a choice.

Final words

The integration with Gastro is not 100% working. We currently have an issue we’re working on, but it can be used at the kitchen as well (we’ll write a tutorial about this later). For now, you can download Nexo Print Server and make sure you’re  using NexoPOS 3.12.6, and Gastro 2.3.8. Nexo Print Server works well with 8mm printers like EPSON TM T20II It’s the most recommended thermal printer by the way for NexoPOS.

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