A while ago, we have been working on a module that could help people to connect to NexoPOS using pin login UI. Thanks to our customer contributions, we have been able to create this module and hopefully, that will help your store by improving the workflow.

Why would you need this?

Think about it. You are using Gastro on your restaurant with touch compatible screen at the kitchen where chefs can log in and monitor orders. Most of the time, they’ll prefer using the screen directly to interact with the application. Having a keyboard and a mouse where there is sauce, water, slices of bread… it’s not really suitable. This module provides then a way to log in quickly and directly using the embed num pad from the login page.

Is that safe?

Yes, it’s safe. Typically, users might use a random number to create a pin code. However, we’ve forced a pin to have a prefix which is the user id. In fact, if the users had the capacity to use any pin code. They might be able to guess anyone’s code by using their code. And in such a case, while logging in, if two users have the same pin code which one should log in?

How to install and use the pin login module

This pin login module is a regular module, so you can read the tutorial about installing a module on NexoPOS. Once installed, it will add a new field on the user profile where a pin code could be set.

pin login module profile

That will also change the login page by providing a tab like UI. The user will have to switch to “Pin Login” to display the pin num pad. This Numpad looks like this.

The use has just now to input his pin and press on “Submit“. If a Pin code is not provided, the Pin Login won’t work for a user. So if one of your users rather like to stick with the Regular login, they can just no set the pin code.

Looking Ahead

If you have any ideas in which we could improve this module, please feel free to comment this post. If you have an issue installing and use it, let us know as well.