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The multi-tax module allows you to create and apply multiple taxes to the sales process on NexoPOS. Since it’s a regular NexoPOS module, it should be installed as any regular NexoPOS module. Once installed, make sure to enable the module.

Creating Taxes & Group

The first step to use the module is to create a tax group. The tax group is similar to a category, as taxes will be assigned to it.

Now you can create tax and assign it to the tax group you have created earlier.

A special mention should be made here for the “Include on VAT”. That option actually includes the tax calculation on the VAT. This means the VAT calculation will either use the percentage you’ve defined and all the taxes that are included within.

Example: Order value is $100, you set SGST to 20% included on a VAT of 12.5%. Then the SGST value is = $20 so the VAT will be calculated over: ( $120 * 12.5 ) / 100. If you don’t want it to work that way, you can exclude the tax from the VAT.

Make sure to configure the VAT from the checkout settings.


The multi-tax module creates a new settings section on the store settings.

From the settings, you can select the group which applies to the current sale process. You should have created a group with taxes before reaching this step.

Sale Process

Now there should be a new button at the bottom of the cart.

If you click on the “eye” button, you should be able to see the tax breakdown.


The multi-tax module also adds a report section where you can see how these are computed.

Term of Use

The module Multi-Tax is provided with 1-year support + updates. The module should be installed once and the support will be performed from that installation. For any change in the domain or installation, the customer should notify the team at [email protected]


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