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Nexo Updater is a module which help you to validate your installation and receive updates. If want to unuse a licence, Nexo Updater can help you with that.

How to use Nexo Updater

This module can be installed like any other module on NexoPOS. Once done, a new notification will invite you to login with Nexo Platform. You need to have an account on Nexo Platform, in order to use this module.

You now just have to click on “Validate the installation“. This will takes you to the licence activation page, where there is a link to connect with Nexo Platform.

you just have now to accept the autorisation and go back to the dashboard to select and assign a licence.

Now from the dashboard, select which licence you want to assign to the installation. You must have licences registered first on your account. If it’s not the case, click here to create a new licence.

You just have to “Validate the licence”, that’s all.

How to unuse a licence

If you want to install NexoPOS in a different domain or another installation, you have two options. The first is to copy and paste your database. For that solution you won’t need to unuse a licence, since it’s basically the same installation. If you want to unuse a licence to use it for a new installation, you need to access to the Licence Management menu.

From that settings, you can click on the button “Unuse the licence” which will block your installation. You need to sure of your action before performing that.

How to update NexoPOS and his modules

Nexo Updater introduce a one click update from the dashboard. This actually replace the Update UI provided by default with Tendoo CMS. This feature is only available for those having a valid licence (not expired) on Nexo Platform.  Nexo Updater can updates modules or the entire system. NexoPOS is linked to Tendoo CMS, so that when NexoPOS is updated, basically all the system is updated. External module like Gastro, are updated separately.

The update UI looks like a table with current applications/modules which has an update, and a button to retreive new updates.

The table consist of the name of the application or module, the current version, the new version the action “Update” and the action “Changelog“. There is also a “Check Updates” on top, which let you refresh the updates list. You can use that button if you don’t want the system to check the update automatically (after each 6 ours).

You should check the changelog to know what are the new features. There might be an important changes which can affect your experience. Check the changelog before updating. You might also need to backup manually your installation (to avoid any unexpected issues). Nexo Updater doesn’t offer a backup feature (which will be provided on Nexo Platform).

Sometime, you’ll check the update and receive an error instead. In such circumstances, a popup will appear with a details of what happened while checking the update.

What you need to know

  • Update/set the website URL to your actual website domain (where NexoPOS is installed) on your licences. If you’re installing locally, you can use “http://localhost” as well, even if “localhost” will be deprecated. You should use Laragon, which provide a real domain like name
  • You might need to reauthenticate again with Nexo Platform
  • If something breaks up during the update, you can restore your backup and let us know at [email protected] or the Issues Repository


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