Self Ordering Kiosk




What is the Self Order Kiosk

This module has been made for fast food/restaurants that include self-order service. The purpose here is to reduce the workforce and so expenses. One major benefit of such solutions is to give the choice to your customers to compose their meal as they wish, reducing, therefore, chances of confusion. This module is perfectly compatible with Gastro, NexoPOS and Nexo Print Server

Practical Use Case

In your restaurant, you could have a dedicated terminal or tablets available for the customers. These latest could order as a guest or create an account and order with that. The benefit of using an account is that they can be part of the loyalty program provided by NexoPOS to have exclusives coupons (which procures uniques offers).

By default, once the customer has placed an order, Nexo Print Server prints the receipt, that the customer can to the cashier to pay the order. The interesting part here is that the order is sent to the kitchen unless the order has been paid (but this behavior can be changed). Once he has paid, the order appears at the kitchen and you can use the built-in Orders Monitor to display to the customers the order being cooked and those ready. This built-in Orders Monitor has a vocal notification as well

Core Features

  • Responsive UI
  • Loyalty Program
  • Silent Printing with Nexo Print Server
  • Customer Account


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