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How Manage Roles And Permissions

How manage roles and permissions

NexoPOS provide out-of-the-box 6 differents roles. Each role has specific permissions that allow it to perform or not certain operations.

Here is a list of the default roles and actions that are allowed to them:

  • Master role: It’s is the high level role. User having this role can perform any action. This is the only role to have access to system and administration features.
  • Shop manager role: Highly recommended for the store manager or owner,  it’s the second in the rank. He can do anything except of course manage core.
  • Administrator role : This role is recommended for the IT manager of the store. Their permissions are focused on maintaining the system.
  • Shop cashier: Perfect for the cashiers this role allow to use the Point of Sale and all the related featiures.
  • Shop tester :  This role is usually used for testing purpose, he can perform most of cashier and shop manager action. This permission is limited to creating and editing components. We strongly discourage you to use it for production or to assign it to one of your staff member.
  • User : Is the low level role he can only Edit his profile.

Why would  you like to manage permissions ?

Each company is different, and its needs are also. If you are proposing roles with default permissions, these permissions may not match your business. So having the ability to adjust these permissions is convenient.

Check if the Permission Manager is installed

These role allow you to handle the access right in the application but sometimes it can be possible that they don’t satisfy your needs. The permission manager is for you. To use it, first enable the module or install it. You can see how to do here

Permissions List

Now that you have enabled the module, open it by clicking : “Manage Users > Manage Permission“.

How to add a permission

Sometimes you need one role to be able to do one things he can’t usually do with the default permissions it have. To handle this, you can add a permission to this role with the permission manager. Look to the box at the right side, first you select the permission to allow, second you select the role and final click on the “Add” button.

If you look at the permission list you can see that master now have the delete modules permission.

How to delete a permission

In the permission manager you can add a permission to a role or deny a permission by deleting it. Now you’ll learn how to delete a permission.

To delete a permission select the user role in user select, click delete:

You’ll see a prompt box asking for action confirmation. All you have to do is to confirm your action and you’re set.

Thank you for having read this. If you have any question related to the permission manager, just let us know in the comments.

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