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NexoPOS 3.12.14 : The Changelog Explained

NexoPOS 3.12.14 : the changelog explained

NexoPOS 3.12.14 has been released and everytime we’re releasing a new version, we would like first to thank all our customer who has contributed by submitting ideas and issues. It might be nothing for you, but that means a lot for us. We’re always trying to make NexoPOS better, faster and bigger and hope this version will help you to reach your goal. So, this post has been made to help you to understand what has been included on the version 3.12.14, why it has been included and what is expected.

NexoPOS 3.12.14 a step to Nexo Store

What is Nexo Store ? probably the first time you hear that right ? Well, Nexo Store is one of our new project. This project is a WordPress plugins, designed to help you to sync your WooCommerce store with NexoPOS. We know that most of our customers already have a store using WooCommerce. Having a link might be really useful to know if a new order has been placed for Gastro for e.g. In order to acheive that, we’re creating new API routes on NexoPOS to make this happen, you won’t notice anything, but it’s currently on the way.

Importing Customers

Ok, you’ve just purchased NexoPOS, you’ve been using that old (neglected) script, where you have all your customers. But, how can you import theses customers on NexoPOS ? Do you have to type them down one by one ? Absolutely no, since this new verison introduce a new UI to import customers using a CSV file.

The UI is quite similar to the items importation : no template is required. You just have to upload it and NexoPOS will show you which columns is available and it’s up to you to assign the column of the name on the CSV, to the column of the name on the customers table of NexoPOS for e.g. A tutorial about this will be written, so you don’t have to worry.

From “Supply history” to “Adjustment history” : Why ?

Well, we’ve noticed that NexoPOS already offer a way to increase the current stock, by using the stock taking interface. from the supplies list, you still have the capacity to adjust what has been provided (quantity or unit price). However, before the version 3.12.14, from the inventory > items, there was an option named “Supply History”.

This feature has been replaced by “Adjustment History”, that mens you’ll only be able from there to adjust what has been adjusted or see a history as well.

A full details of the changelog for the version 3.12.14

    • Updated : translation
    • Fixed : datetime code for orders.
    • Update database version
    • Added : new function to set store options
    • Removed: collation while creating tables
    • Fixed : reset a store was disabling the multistore feature
    • Added : new hook load_pos_footer to register view on the POS screen
    • Added : new api Route to import customers
    • Fixed : editing item from the POS when Gastro is disabled
    • Updated: Nexo SMS
    • Fixed : transfering item with ID sometime causes an issue if we already has an entry with the same ID.
    • Improved : New Full Payment Button
    • Improved : Now Waiter and Chief User Account Can Control From Access-Manager When Using Multi-Store
    • Translating Grocery Crud
    • Added : New feature Import customers
    • Updated : Stock Adjustment to support stock taking
    • Fixed : fix #66
  • Preparing Route for the API

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