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NexoPOS 3.12.17 Has Been Released : What Has Changed ?

NexoPOS 3.12.17 has been released : What has changed ?

NexoPOS 3.12.17 has been released. As we used to do, we would like to share our thoughts on what has changed and why it has changed. Let’s get started.

Introducing a dashboard for the cahsier

We know that the cashier dashboard was a little bit empty (completely to be honest). Even though some store owners would like to restrict the cashier interaction to the POS screen, we believe that the cashier should at least have a view of how he works. This involve displaying his sales and incomes, performed during a week and a detailed report during the day. All this are now available on the dashboard when the cashier log in.

your feedback on this is really appreciated.

Assigning Printers to registers (NPS)

If you’ve been using Nexo Print Server, you’ve probably tried to link printers to cash registers. This operation wasn’t really possible on the previous release. We’ve updated the script to ensure such compatibility and here is how that works.

First make sure you’re running NexoPOS 3.12.17. Then proceed to a migration. it’s required otherwise it won’t work. Doing a migration consist of pasting a URL on your browser address bar, and let everything work behind the scene for you. For this version, your migration should run on If your previous version was 3.12.16 otherwise change that version to your previous version. Make sure to replace “” with your actual domain name.

Note : Assigning printers to registers only works for Nexo Print Server. You should consider assigning printers to cash registers if you have many pos terminal which you want to link to an Nexo Print Server, that means having a single licence Nexo Print Server licence per terminal. Otherwise, using Nexo Print Server as a printing gateway might be enought.

1 – Define which print gateway should be used

The first step is to define the cash registers printers as the default printer gateway. This can be made from the checkout settings of NexoPOS.

Once done you’ll have to enable the cash register feature as well on the same screen and save the settings.

2 – Create a register

There is a complete guide on how to use a cash register. But you can use these informations with what has yet been told about Cash registers. Creating a cash register is available if the registers are enabled on the checkout setings. This replace the “open POS” which usually appear when the feature is disabled. Now during the creation of the registers, you’ll be able to define the Server URL and the assigned printers.

The server url might be https://localhost:3236¬†without an ending slash, if your printer is not shared on the network. Note that register will have to be open on the same terminal each time, specially if the thermal printer name is different. Once the Server URL is defined, NexoPOS will update the Printer Assigned field. And you’ll have to select the printer and set the other informations : such as the name and obviously set the state as closed. If after having set the Server URL (or url NPS), the server can’t be reached, a notification will be throwed.

You can also define an IP if Nexo Print Server is installed on a different computer. Now during the sale process, after having openend a cash register, NexoPOS will use the printer assigned to the cash register to print the sale receipt.

Other changes under the hood

This was the huge changes added to the version 3.12.17. Let’s talks about the issues :

  • Fixed : Double item while editing an order
  • Fixed : Translation

Regarding the translation, we’re using a tool which help us to translate NexoPOS. However after each translation, PoEdit proceed to a wrong translation or even change has yet been correctly translated. That’s what make it so impredictable and painful to translate using PoEdit. We’re planning to use another solution. If there is an issue related to the system or a translation, please let us know. Hope you’ll enjoy this update.

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