After 2 months of work, we’re releasing today an update of NexoPOS : 3.13.11. The reason why the update took so much time is because of the IIC (Improvement & Issues Contest), which has been launched on October. During the contest some interesting ideas has been submitted as well as issues. It took then more time, to come over all these customers contributions for this new update. In this tutorial, we’re about to explain in deep what are the changes.

New Order Management UI

The most significant update has been made over the order management popup. We admit it, the old popup for managing orders wasn’t enough clear (specially for refunds), and it wasn’t enough handy in terms of features. The new order management ui, comes to solve various issues and provide a new order status.

Usually on NexoPOS, once an order is placed, it can be completely paid, partially paid or unpaid. However it wasn’t possible to know if the order was shipped, done or if an issue occurred while the order was handled. This new order management offer a way to manage the order status, more over it over a simplified payment, refund and refund history section.

Order Details

As said before, the order details section let you manage the state of an order and help you to check the delivery informations for a specific order. This information might be useful if you plan to use Nexo Store.


Unlike the previous UI, the new one offer a more clear and working with a payment history and wether the order can receive or not further payment. Note that, for some orders, according to their status, it won’t be possible to proceed to a payment. A more advanced tutorial over that will be written shortly.

New Refund

On the previous version, we had table where you was able to send an item to the defective or usable stock. We’ve made things more simple with an intuitive user interface. For the new one, you have to select the payment type, the item, the status of the item and add it to what we call “refund cart”. Obvisouly not all orders can be refunded. For instance, only partially paid and completely paid order can be refunded.

NexoPOS  3.13.11 offer two type of refund :

  • refund without stock return
  • refund with stock return

A more advanced tutorial will explain in deep in what does that consist, but in order to give your a short description, you should know that, for some orders where services are involved and where a payment wasn’t complete (partial), there is no need to make a refund with a stock return, and for that case, there is not stock to return. On the other side, a refund with a stock return, is made for order which include physical item and which a complete.

Refund History

This ui let you see the refund made so far for the selected order. You can even print a refund ticket. Note that this new popup is working with Nexo Print Server.

Refund Mentions on receipt and invoices

Now on the receipt, once a refund is made, you can see a mention “refunded” and the amount of the refund. It’s available on the sale receipt and on the invoice.

We’ve also add such support for sale receipts.

Confirmation for the reset module

We’ve noticed that many customer has resetted their installation after having enabled mistakenly the reset module. Now the receipt module once enabled ask you to confirm your action. We believe that like so, such mistakes can be avoided. We would like to remind you, before resetting your installation to deactivate your licence.

Other change on the background

We’ve made various change in order to prepare the upcoming solution “Nexo Store“. We’ve also focused on bug fixes submitted on github :


Planning to update ? Don’t forget to backup your current project before updating.