A new update of NexoPOS as been released. During this update, we’ve been working on the taxes and the layout optimization for the mobiles devices. We’ll then let you know on this post what are the changes and how you can use them. Let’s get started.

A new tax details with reports

NexoPOS currently offer 3 ways to use taxes. You can use :

  • A fixed rate
  • A variable rate
  • The taxes assigned to each item (Vat of products)

You should note that you can select one of these taxes from the checkout settings, but we need to mention that the taxes assigned on the items could be used along with the first two options.

The current update focuses on the tax assigned to the product. Once you’ve assigned a tax (either inclusive or exclusive), most of the time you’ll need to be able to know the collected taxes during a specific time range. Before this update, it was possible to get the collected tax but not to know what was the exact amount of each taxes. Now, you can check this information either from the POS or from the report added on this update.

The first step is to ensure the “VAT of products” is selected, by selecting the right tax options.

Save the settings and head to the POS screen. You’ll notice a blue button with an eye icon, nested with the total of the taxes collected on the processed order.

Clicking this button opens a popup which shows in details the current tax collected.

For the meantime, the tax details aren’t displayed on Nexo Print Server receipts. But this is one of the upcoming changes on the version 3.14.35. However, you can yet check the taxes report. There is a new menu added on the “Reports” with “Product Taxes”.

This takes you to a new UI where you can select the time range of the report.

This UI could be understood as follows :

  1. Time Range Selector: this lets you select the time range of the report
  2. Click the button to load the results
  3. A single result on the overall results. the blue line is where it starts and the green is where it ends with the total.
  4. This section shows the total of all taxes during the specified time range.

New Discount Popup

The old discount popup was getting older, plus it wasn’t displaying well on mobiles devices. We’ve updated this popup and provided a more responsive and good looking discount UI.

You can from there, select to choose either a percentage discount or a fixed discount. You can also use decimal values and proceed. This discount popup works with the items discount feature as well. Here is how it looks like on mobile devices :

Payment Popup Updated

The payment popup has also received some adjustments. In fact, on previous releases, the popup wasn’t performing well. It wasn’t really responsive. Let’s compare both and see the difference. First on desktop :

  • Left: New Popup
  • Right: Old Popup

Now let’s see the difference on mobiles devices. :

  • Left: New Popup
  • Right: Old Popup

The new popup adds 3 permanents tabs, which takes you to :

  • Payment numpad
  • Payment history
  • Cart Resume

The popup also adds the capacity to manipulate discounts on the cart. It could be useful for those loading orders with Gastro.

Categories Reorder and Default Category

This has been requested by a customer. This update adds a new UI for reorder categories, to sort the way they are displayed on the pos. You also have the capacity to choose the default category from the list of categories.

This UI displays a list of categories to which are assigned items. So, if you don’t see all of your categories, that’s absolutely normal. Note that the POS only shows the categories to which are assigned the items. From here, you can then drag the categories and reorder them. You can also click on “enable” to set a category as activated by default. This means that every time the POS is being accessed, the items of that category appears first.

Don’t forget to save the layout once you’re done. Now check the POS and see your changes in action.

Other Changes Under The Hood

NexoPOS now supports a new language: Italian. The integration is not 100% complete, but we’re working on the improvement. Here are the other changes that you might not notice :

- Fixed : using the dropdown menu (chosen) with the arabic caused a black screen and a frozen page.
- Fixed : disallowing print while saving orders
- Fixed : minor js errors
- Removed : mynexopos from NexoPOS index

This update is available on Nexo Platform and will soon be available on CodeCanyon.