We release today a new update of NexoPOS 3.14.39, thanks to the contributions of our customers. This update comes with some new features various bug fixes. This tutorial will let you know all you need to know about this version. Let’s get started.

Customer Bank Account or Credit

This has been one of the most requested features. The update 3.14.39 brings a new payment method which is the customer account (or credit). It allows a customer to pay using the credit available on his account. Obviously, that account could be credited and debited. It’s a feature disabled by default, so you need to enable that from the customers setting.

When the option is enabled, two new options appear on the customer’s options list.

Both options let you :

  • take a credit action (debit, credit) on the customer account
  • See customer history, which includes the transactions made with the customer account

A new field is also added on the customer form, so you can allow a credit, disallow for a specific user and even define the credit threshold.

You should now be able to pay with the customer account on the POS and see the change on the customer history.

The POS includes the Credit limit of the selected customer as long as the credit balance.

Items Reordering

On the release 3.14.34, we’ve added a new “categories reordering” feature. Now we’ve updated the feature and added the item reordering. The principle of working is similar to the categories, however here you don’t need to define a default item.

The reordering is only possible by browsing each category’s products by clicking on “items”. Note that this page display only the categories which as at least one item.

Don’t forget to save your changes once you’re done.

Categories Overview Panel

Most of the store has many categories with various products. If you aren’t using a barcode reader to add items to the cart and use the products grid instead, then you’ve noticed that browsing the categories slider is tedious. NexoPOS 3.14.39 adds a new categories overview panel. This helps you to have a quick view of all categories (around 30 could be displayed according to the screen size).

How to update

The update should be available on CodeCanyon and on Nexo Platform. You should note that after updating, you need to make a database migraton from the version 3.14.34. Normally you should see a migration button on the modules list.

Others Changes of NexoPOS 3.14.39

This section summarises the different bugs fixes included on the release.

  • Amount Shortcut Fix
  • Reloading Categories image while switching to another category
  • Reset reward count issue
  • Coupon Payment UI not working since 3.14.37
  • Users Pagination
  • Layout Sizes of the user’s list
  • Exporting route for supplies products