We do announce today a new version of NexoPOS 3.14.47. During an entire week, we’ve been focusing on a feature: Stock Transfer, it has been reported to us some issue which makes impossible to use the feature. In fact, the approval of a transfer was always failing during to category ID conflict. In-depth, if there was some category having the same ID as the categories retrieved from the warehouse or the store sender, the approval process fails. We’ve also been working on various other aspect and we’ll break it down on this tutorial.

The new way to process a transfer on version 3.14.47

We’ve realized during the test that proceeding to a transfer requested to make a lot of item adding and quantity modification. Well, it’s not bad like that, but what if you would like to save this profile? We’ve then introduced a new CSV import UI. That basically lets you save a list of items + quantity that needs to be imported on the UI.

Your CSV file should have 2 columns. The first one is the barcode of the products that you want to import, the second one is the quantities of these products. You then need to click on “Import” on the right.

The import log will appear at the bottom and you’ll see if during the process something wrong has occurred.

The product category name now appears on the “Income & losses” report

This has been a request of a so patient customer. In fact, he wanted to be able to see the Product category from the income & losses report. The change wasn’t that hard to achieve so, we’ve made the change on the NexoPOS 3.14.47 and we hope that information will be useful for you as well.

The invoice now displays the store description and the order note

It might not be common to use the invoice, but for those using that, we’ve added 2 new pieces of information on the invoice. You can now see the order note and the store description (it might be something else like “returning terms”, “thank you message”, “legal terms”).

Fixed issues on NexoPOS 3.14.47

let’s now explore the different fixes and the reason why they have been solved.

Unable to save the user’s Name & Surname

This is an old issue faced since a while. It has been recently reported to us and we’ve been working on that. In fact, when you saved your Name and Surname from your profile, it wasn’t stored. It was the same case when you tried to save these informations from the users’ list.

“nexo.edit.items” Permissions wasn’t effective

The permission which restricts users to edit an item wasn’t effective. In fact, a user without that permission was still able to see an item (via edit UI), but not to save. We’ve added that permission verification even before being able to edit an item.

“Auto-Submission” only works if “Quick Search” is enabled

A lot of time, it has been reported to us that, after typing 3 words the POS trigger an error. Well, in fact, most of these times, the “Auto-Submission” feature was enabled. This feature actually submits automatically if the barcode reader doesn’t do that. Normally after having parsed a code, the barcode reader should also submit the form, but not all barcode does that and that’s where this feature is handy. However, we realized that this feature should only work if the “Quick Search” button is on. The quick search will use the search field value for a strict barcode/SKU search, so it’s useless to have the Auto-submission working independently from the “Quick Search“.

On this previous image, when the barcode search (Quick Search) is off, you can type any word to search on the product grid. When it’s on, the search field value is submitted for a barcode strict search. Note that we’ve enabled the auto-submission feature.

Ideas for upcoming changes

We’re yet planning the upcoming update and among the feature, we’ll integrate, we there is a Cashier commission. We might have new ideas and you can also share yours at [email protected] We’re waiting to hear from you.