Since the last 20 days, we’ve been working on a new update of NexoPOS and Self Ordering Kiosk. We would like to remind that our customers suggestions are always welcome and we do pick the most handy and implement it directly on the core. This new updates comes with new suggested feature, small improvements and various bug fixes. So, you’ll then learn what has changed on this post. Make a backup before proceeding and let’s get started.

Introducing Loyalty Program or Reward System

Here is one of the biggest improvements on NexoPOS. So far it was possible to create a coupon manually and distribute them (according to your rules) to your customers. However it wasn’t possible to :

  • Generate it automatically
  • Restrict the user per customers

The Reward system comes with a small improvements on the coupons on NexoPOS. But how does the Reward system works on NexoPOS ?

This system has been made to generate automatically coupons, which can be assigned to a customer. While creating a reward system, you can select a coupon to be used as the reference to create others coupon (here we do assume there is a parent and child coupon), and assign the reward system on a customer group. The reason why the reward system is assigned to a customer group, is because we do assume not all your customers would benefit the same advantages. We’ve then choosed the customers groups since this aggregate similar customers.

The reward system can then been set to expire at a specific time, define the target to reach in points and build the point rules. By points rule, we mean the conditions required (usually a purchase) to deserve a specific point. You can see a pattern like : $20 gives 100 points; $40 gives 250 points, etc. NexoPOS will sort the reward by ascending number so, the rule $20 is in fact from $0 to $20 gives 100 points, the second rules is from $20 (excluded) to $40 gives 250 points.

The great new here is, the coupons and the reward system can now be used on Self Order Kiosk 1.11.0.

Multi Print for Nexo Print Server

Based on a customer request, we’ve added a way to print up to 5 copy of the same receipt from the same thermal printer. This is useful if the cashier keep a copy for accounting purpose. In order to enable that, go to NexoPOS Settings, then Checkout. On the checkout settings, click on “Printers” and see the option at the bottom of the page (Number of NPS Print copies).

Added new template for receipt : phone number

Here is another customer request. Not all informations of a delivery was displayed as a tag on the receipt section. The customer has been requested a new template tag named “{phone}”, which do display the delivery phone number of the receipt.

Unified Tax Settings for the VAT

On this update, we’ve been working on an improvement which was already there but not well spelled. In fact, most of the customer didn’t wanted to use the tax defined on the checkout settings or choose a variable tax. Most of them wanted NexoPOS to compute the tax over each items and display that on the receipt. The Tax type field now display 4 differents options and the new one between the three others is : “Vat of Products

About the bug fixed

There are various small changes which occured under the hood and the most common change is the translation. We would like to announce by the way that we’ll provide a support for the indonesian on our upcoming updates. Let’s now see the others changes :

  • Fixing a currency format. The issue has been reported by a customer.
  • Improving arabic support : this has mostly been made for the table list component
  • Fixed an issue while printing
  • Fixed an issue while selecting a customer (or creating a new one) from the POS.

That’s all for the change. Let us know how it has worked for you. Note that before doing anything with the update, you need to backup your environement.