It’s been a while we haven’t shared what’s going on with NexoPOS. We have been working on various product and we came back to proceed with NexoPOS 3.x which remain our main project. So what’s new? NexoPOS 3.14.74 has been released. As you might notice, NexoPOS is stuck at the version 3.14.x, because the version 3.15.x was supposed to bring the unit of measure (a feature that has been paused). However, this version of NexoPOS comes with some slight changes that should help those migrating with Gastro.

Introducing Dynamic Progressive Migration

You might already know what is a migration. Usually, this is used to ensure database compatibility with the files changes. However, for large databases, a migration cannot only be done in one single query. We realized that we needed to have a way to migrate gradually a large database, and that’s where come a Dynamic Progressive Migration. This migration returns to Tendoo CMS that more background request should be run, to ensure an overall database migration (along with entries). There is nothing to perform from your end. Every time you have an update, running it will proceed with the Dynamic Progressive Migration. This if the module requires it.

What’s new on Gastro 2.3.71

It has been reported to us that Gastro was causing huge database queries. We got a huge database from one of our customers to be able to test that and we realized that Gastro was performing many sub MySQL queries. While for small databases, there is not a huge impact, for large ones, the performances are considerably affected by this. We started recently to refactor the code and improve the entire system to reduce the subqueries. Based on the test we’ve made, we have been able to reduce the loading time from ~7 seconds to ~900ms (on a local machine less powerful than a server).

This change is quite huge and after having reviewed how heavy some requests could be, we’re planning to review all queries and optimize them. here is the result we get after optimization.

The Dynamic migration that has been introduced with NexoPOS 3.14.74 should easy a progressive migration over your entire orders and products. You still need to make a backup before performing that.

Announcement 1: we’re not dropping NexoPOS 3.x

Recently, we have been working on side projects, which include NexoPOS 4.x. This version has a lot to offer and we believe it will worthily replace NexoPOS 3.x. However, due to these side stuff, NexoPOS 3.x got dropped and we have sometimes mentioned we’re no more planning to upgrade NexoPOS 3.x. We came back on our decision as we saw how important NexoPOS 3.x is for those having huge installations (I’m thinking about Buka Osu at Accra in Ghana). We’re then proceeding improvements on NexoPOS 3.x, while this might slow down NexoPOS 4.x development, we believe making customers happy with the existing app could encourage them to use NexoPOS 4.x.

Announcement 2: NexoPOS Support will be moved to My NexoPOS.

As one of the side projects we have been working on, we have created My NexoPOS 2.0 (because it already exists on a first version). This new platform will join all users from and to have one united hub where we can :

  • Manage customers queries
  • Manage customers deployment (with My NexoPOS Service)
  • Share every useful information about NexoPOS

The support on WhatsApp will only be available for the customer to be in touch with the team. However, any request should and must be posted on the new platform (My NexoPOS). The support on WhatsApp has so far not been effective as we wanted, so we’re not willing to provide support from there anymore. You can yet have look at how the new platform will look like.

From there, some of our new applications will be available. There is a lot more to achieve, but we’ll keep you posted.

Let’s Resume

NexoPOS 3.14.74 has been released. It should be used along with Gastro 2.3.71 (don’t forget to backup). A new platform is coming up and we’re still improving NexoPOS 3.x. If you have any issues during the update or after, please as soon as possible let us know.