NexoPOS Pricing Plans

Choose between the following plans the one which fit your requirements.
All plans has various advanges and offer more feature than the demo.

Gastro Pricing Plans

This is the pricing plans for the hosting and the trial for Gastro. You might also consider buying the source code, that you can host yourself on your server or locally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before choosing a plan, you might consider reading the following FAQ. We’ve tried to reply to most of the questions usually asked by our customers.

Does The Self Hosted Version Is Supported ?

Yes, Even if you choose to have a self hosted version, you’ll receive a support according to out support terms based on your actual licence. 

Can I Sell Self Hosted Under My Brand ?

Unfortunately, doing so goes against our copyrights. You might however be interested by joining our resellers program, which provide various advantages and you, as member of the program, will have NexoPOS & Gastro sold at a special price.

Can My Installation Be Customized ?

Yes, you can add more feature to your installation. If your change is slight, then you’ll be only charged once. If your change invole various part of the software, we’ll over you a custom solution for maintaining your customization according to the Updates.

What Is The Right Solution For Me ?

If you’re not sure about what to choose, the best solution remain starting with a Trial. You won’t be charged, during that period. That will give you the time to test out all features.

Can I Be Refunded ?

The trial period is made to help you to decide wether our items fit your needs. So once the plan has started, you can’t be refunded. However, a refund is granted if we’re unable to provide you our services during a specific period, after 2 weeks of unavailability.

Can I Disable Updates On My System

We can disable update on your system. However, we might not be able to provide a proper support, since the updates are also made to fix the issues.