Raw Material Module

The safe way to keep an eye on your ingredients from the purhase to the consumption through restaurant recipes.

Unit Of Measures

Create recipes using the unit of measure to ensure a proper material consumption. 

Unlimited Recipes

Define how materials are used thanks to recipes that support unit of measure.

Accurate Reports

Track and monitor how your material and recipes are used thanks to available reports

Management Improved

Thanks to the Raw Material module, you’re now confident when you buy materials like Oil, Eggs, Meat, as know now how they are used and consumed on your restaurant. You can also have an accurate report on the procurement, which shows the material purchased and their cost.

Intuivie Recipe Builder

The Recipe builder helps you to define how materials will be used. You can therefore select the material you have procured and select the units you want to use. Unlimited ingredients can be used, you just need to make sure to remain consistent on the Recipe building.

Stock Report

The Raw Material module ship accurate reports that will help you having control over your ingredient and a good follow-up on how it’s used in the kitchen. It shows material, unit assigned to it, and the quantity used, along with the unit group to which it’s assigned.

Material Report

The Material Report shows how ingredients are used. This means how they are procured, converted and consumed. But conversion, we mean changing a material from one unit to a greater or a lower unit.