SUPPORT & Licence


About Licences

Every single purchase on CodeCanyon of one of our items, provide a purchase code used as a licence and used for various purposes. The licence comes with a support for 6 or 12 months according to your choice during the purchase. This licence gives you the right to install the application only once. However, you might want to test the application into an isolated environement, but once you’re done with testing, after having moved to the production server, the demo installation should be deleted.

Licence Expired

The license expires when the assistance time granted expires. An expired license is not synonymous with interruption in the use of our products. In the case of NexoPOS, if the license has been activated during the support period, after expiration, you will not have any invitation to renew your license.

If your license has already expired and you have never activated the license on an installation, you can continue to use NexoPOS, but you will be asked to renew your license. By renewing the license, we wants to say renew the assitance for a period of 6 or 12 months, action only possible on CodeCanyon.

Licence Activation & Deactivation

NexoPOS comes with a licence (purchase code) verification feature. This helps you to receive support in case of needs and to receive updates directly from your installation. Before using NexoPOS, you’ll be invited to validate your licence. There is a tutorial which explain that here.

A licence is single-use and can only be used on a single installation (one database, one setup, one application). If you plan to transfer your testing environment from local to production server, there is a tutorial for that. Note that, you should ALWAYS, make sure to deactivate your licence before deleting your installation. 

We can proceed to the deactivation of a licence from our end, however such request is limited per licences. You can learn how to deactivate a licence from Nexo Updater description page.


About Support

During the support period, in case of any issues, we’ll be there to assist you. This includes helping you to fix issues, directly into your server or by providing an update which fix the issues for all.

The support is strictly reseved for premium customers having purchased all the items they are requesting support on CodeCanyon. If the customer has for example 3 licences which has expired, renewing only for NexoPOS will be enought to receive support over the 3 others items.

We will not be able to provide a support if the product has been edited by the customers or any developper which doesn’t works at Nexo Solutions. We’ll not be able to provide support if the product is not up to date.

Nexo Platform Access

Nexo Platform is open for all for registration. This platform helps you to do various actions, such as : registering licences, using Email services, syncing Nexo Store & NexoPOS, using backup services, validating licences, etc.

The access to Nexo Platform services is available while your licence support is enabled. We would usually say “while the licence is active“. If the licence is not more active though, you won’t be forced to renew the support for the bought items. You could keep using the software and downloading updates manually on CodeCanyon as long as they are published there.

Nexo Platform vs CodeCanyon

Nexo Platform and CodeCanyon are used to provide the software updates. However, CodeCanyon is the only marketplace where to buy somes of our items (NexoPOS, Gastro, Self Order Kiosk, Nexo Store, Nexo Print Server). However Nexo Platform, receives updates more faster and more ofthen than CodeCanyon since the submittion process is more faster. We would usually submit updates 2 or 3 times per month on CodeCanyon, that’s why it’s advised to have your NexoPOS installation connected with Nexo Platform to receive update more faster.