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What Is The IIC And How To Join It To Earn

What is the IIC and how to join it to earn

We’re introducing today the new contest IIC aka Improvements and Issues Contest (previously FAISR). What is the purpose of this ? It’s in few words, it’ a way for us to thank all those commited to our items by sharing ideas and issues, so that we can make a better software for all.

How does the IIC works ?

The IIC is contest where all our customers with at least one valid licence (the licence should be supported) can join to share their ideas or submit existing issues and get paid for it. It’s 3 times nothing : The contest start from the beginning of the month so this 1 October 2018, and ends at the end of the month, so this 31 October 2018. And during this month, we’ll approve ideas & issues and count them at the end of the month. The customer with the most approved ideas and/or issues will get rewarded of 70 USD, through PayPal or Payoneer. 

The reward of 70 USD, is not per ideas, but for the winner of the contest. And everytime the contest is launched, it’s for a specific time range (basicaly during a month).

How to submit your ideas or issues

We have a public github repository where all ideas and issues should be submitted. The ideas or issue needs to be the most clear possible and well described. The Github repository offer 2 templates : 

You need to follow the provided template and fill it with your informations. For example :

For the username, you should put your username as registered on Nexo Platform. The username should be similar to the github username, but it’s not required at all. You should then provide a clear description of the bug or improvements. regarding the issues, you need to mention your environment details such as the version of NexoPOS, Gastro, php, mysql…

The images are welcome, and such post are has more chances to be approved.

How do you know when your ideas are approved or not ?

By default, we have a running bot on Github, which check wether the customer (author of the post) has a valid licence or not. After that, a member of the staff will review your post and submit that to the team. We might discuss about the idea on the Whatsapp group, and after that, we’ll add a tag “👍 for IIC” or “👎 for IIC“. 

Ideas already scheduled and not allowed

Some ideas aren’t allowed, because they are already scheduled. Only new and handy ideas (or issues). Basically all ideas/issues which are already available on the v3-issues repository aren’t allowed. Obviously a feature which already exist can’t be submitted. You should consider reading the following ideas which are already scheduled.

  • Raw materias management for Gastro
  • Customer Display for Gastro
  • Online Ordering Plugin for WordPress
  • Call System Manager for Gastro
  • Hotel Management System for NexoPOS
  • Self Ordering Module for NexoPOS
  • Unit of Measure for NexoPOS
  • Email for Invoices on NexoPOS
  • Topping for Gastro items
  • Windows Application for NexoPOS / Gastro
  • Multiple VAT for NexoPOS
  • Variations for NexoPOS
  • Commission System for Salesmen/cashier

What are your ideas ? Do you want to contribute to NexoPOS ? Feel free to join. Remember, it’s made first to have fun while sharing ideas. Be fair & play fair is required.

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