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What’s New On NexoPOS 3.13.3

What’s new on NexoPOS 3.13.3

NexoPOS 3.13.3 is currently being tested for the update from backend on NexoPOS. For those who doesn’t know, NexoPOS 3.13.1 has introduced a way to update directly from the dashbord. This make it more simple to update your system without having to : download from codecanyon, extract on your computer and upload on your server. This has been possible with the update of Nexo Updater 1.7.

NexoPOS 3.13.3 comes with some new changes and that’s what we’re about to explore on this post.

Session for cashiers

Some stores owner have a contract with workers based on time (hour). We’ve then introduced a new way to track when a workers (a cashier) start the work, which mean basically open a register and when he close it. We’ve also introduced a inactivity detector, which help you to stop the timer when for a specific minutes, a worker is no more active.

You can learn more about this by exploring the tutorial.

Stock Tracker Updated

We’ve changed the report responsible of showing for a specific procurement what comes in and comes out. The fact it the report was only accurate for what comes it and not for what goes out, since there is not a way to make a distinction between item sharing the same barcode, provided by different procurement.

The new Stock Tracker let you know what has been provided during a specific time range and what how much goes out during the same time range. We’re currently working on another report which will be accurate about what comes in and out.

Improving the security

We get feedback from our customers and some of them has mentioned the security breaches. These are related to the fact that with the Permission Manager any one (any role) can access to it (once enabled) with the URL and change permission for any role. This has been restricted to the master role only. We’ve blocked the breach which allowed a cashier to open multiple registers at once.

Others changes under the hood

This version ship more changes. This list show that in details.

  • Updated : Translation
  • Fixed : Missing column for registers table.
  • Fixed : Translation to make Detailed Report more clear fix nexopos/v3-issues#55

For any question, please contact us at [email protected]

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