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What’s New With NexoPOS 3.13.7

What’s new with NexoPOS 3.13.7

We’ve released today an update for NexoPOS 3.13.7 & Gastro 2.3.22. We’ve introduced some new features and various bug fixes. This post will cover what are the changes and why theses changes has occured.

Before moving ahead, we would like to remind you that Nexo Store, which is a WordPress plugin to ensure the sync between NexoPOS & WooCommerce still in development and the second beta will be released the next month.

What are the changes on NexoPOS 3.13.7

We’ll first cover what are the new features before taking a look at the removal and the changes under the hood.

History and log for all users actions

Managing a store is sometime a hard task, since there are various stuff which need to be managed by the store manager. We (at Nexo Solutions) always want to make the store management the most easier as possible. We’ve then introduced a log & history, which shows which actions has been made by a users and at which moment it has been made. The features doesn’t cover all the actions yet, but we’ve tried to cover the most importants :

  • Creating items
  • Deleting items
  • Editing items
  • Creating orders
  • Updating orders
  • Deleting orders

We might provide more even on the upcoming update for categories, supplies, suppliers and so on.

In order to access to the log and history, you need to access first to NexoPOS Settings > Log & History.

log and history nexopos.png

This page is only available for the master user (the main user). And  he can delete the log as well (individually or using the bulk delete).

log and history actions.png

Bulk delete for notifications

For those using a stock manager, you can easilly end up with a lot of notifications that you can’t manage (delete) easilly. We’ve improved the notification center by adding a delete all button.

delete all notifications.png

Introducing Stock Request from a store (or warehouse)

Before, a stock transfert was basically send from a warehouse to a location. Based on a customer suggestion, we wanted to provide an easier way for a stock to get the exact willing stock by addressing a request to a warehouse. Since in fact, the applicant store is the suitable to know exactly which quantity of items are required.

making a new request stock.png

The UI is similar to the one used while sending stock. But keep in mind that you’re no more sending stock, but requesting stock.

Stock request / send cancelation reason

In addition with the stock transfert feature, we’ve added a reason of a cancelation. It might be a repetitive action, which need to be canceled. Or the stock may have been provided by another warehouse.

canceling a request nexopos.png

Email notifications for stock transfert actions

We’ve provided through Nexo Platform a notification system which let you receive a notification when a stock :

  • is requested
  • is send
  • is canceled
  • is approved

Here is how the email looks like for a request.

email nexopos stock transfert.png

You need to enable the notifications from the transfert settings, and provide the administrator email used to receive notifications.

transfert settings.png

What has been added under the hood

We’ll first talk about the issues fixed and then the small changes under the hood :

  • Fixed issue while using NexoPOS with php 5.6 (the compatibility is however not ensured at 100%).
  • Fixed adding quantity from stock transfert (there as a small but with that field).
  • Fixed cashier dashboard which was not working when the multistore was enabled

For the small changes, we’re keep improving NexoPOS to ensure a good compatibility with Nexo Store.

Do you like theses features ? Don’t hesitate to share your thought with us or share this post with your friend on Facebook.

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