During these 2 latest weeks, we’ve been working on the issues faced by our customers. We’re releasing then today an update which brings some new changes on NexoPOS and Nexo Print Server. This post will then cover all that you need to know about.

Let’s get started.

Tax breakdown displayed on Nexo Print Server receipts

So far, NexoPOS supports 3 types of taxes :

  • Fixed Tax: which let you define a fixed rate
  • Variable Taxes: which let you select the tax which applies to the order from the POS (point of sale screen)
  • Item Taxes: which set the system to compute the tax used on each item.

Regarding the last tax type (item taxes), it wasn’t possible so far to see on the receipt the tax used. But now with NexoPOS 3.14.43, you’ll be able to see the tax breakdown displayed on Nexo Print Server receipt.

“Item Added to the cart” notification on mobile

Thanks to a customer contribution, we noticed that on tablets and smartphones, the waiters/cashier wasn’t always notified when the item he clicked on was added to the cart. We’ve changed that behavior a provided a notification which appears when the item is added to the cart.

Category slider not displayed if Arabic is enabled

This is another issue which has been reported by one of our customers. In fact, if the Arabic is set as the default language, the category slider doesn’t appear on the POS screen as on the following image.

With the update, we’ve fixed the problem by changing a CSS property.

Other fixes included

Here are the other changes which have been included on the update.

- Fixed : limiting the cash flow report 
- Fixed : Taxes selection for variable tax

The update is not available on Nexo Platform and should be available soon on CodeCanyon. Before updating, you should make a backup of your system to prevent anything wrong which could occur.