It’s trending to see most restaurants offering a kiosk terminal for its customers. Indeed the kiosk makes it easier for customers to order and pay for that directly. It also provides opportunities for restaurants to reallocate employee time and upsell customers.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look into Kiosk terminal and Fast Casual restaurants, and how it helps to increase customer satisfaction and decrease overhead costs.

What are the Benefits of Food Kiosks?

If it’s true that regular restaurant service provides to customers, fast and convenient service for almost a century, Fast-Casual is a new trend, quickly becoming a favorite amongst restaurant diners. If the regular restaurant service and Fast Casual restaurants may offer their customers different experiences, both are designed around the concept of convenience.


Self-order kiosks give consumers control of their dining experience. The restaurant’s customers can choose when and how they want to order, pay for and receive their meal. This is definitely true with the applications that allow customers to order via their smartphone or tablets.

Saving Time

Self-service kiosks are known for saving time and cutting lines. The self-order kiosks present a new opportunity to improve customer experience, by allowing businesses to direct traffic in restaurants by placing the self-order kiosks in a strategic location. This saves time for customers and allows them to quickly place their order without waiting in long lines. The kiosks also allow employees to reallocate time previously spent taking orders. With a self-service solution taking orders, employees can focus on dining service, restaurant cleanliness, and customer experience. All of these are offered by Self Ordering Kiosk module for Gastro.

Automating Work Flow

Consistency creates credibility. Self-order kiosks can automate the ordering and payment process, creating a reliable experience for customers. It can also automate the up-selling process, holding the highest percentage possible of up-sell opportunities. The automated process encourages customers to explore the menu and creates better orders.

How are Food Kiosks Are Being Used?

Foodservice kiosks decrease long wait times, and therefore, the number of lost customers. Here are some of the ways foodservice kiosks help restaurants reduce wait times, boost food quality and improve customer experience


Restaurants can leverage food service kiosks for self-order entry. Order-entry kiosks allow employees to reallocate the time previously spent on taking orders to provide more efficient and accurate service while reducing transaction errors. Restaurants can choose from a countertop, free-standing, wall-mounted and outdoor self-ordering kiosks to best fit the customer expectations.


Foodservice kiosks with bill-payment capabilities provide customers with a fast and efficient check-out process. Self-service bill-payment solutions improve the restaurant experience for customers by allowing users to skip the check-out line while freeing up employees to assist customers with more complicated service requests.

Automated Upselling

The key to upselling is consistency. Foodservice kiosks can automatically offer upsells to every customer multiple times throughout their ordering process, eliminating the chance of employee error. Depending on the kiosk technology, food service kiosks can customize the upsell based on the customer. For example, if a customer is part of a restaurant’s rewards program and scans or loads their card, the kiosk can offer upsells based on the customer’s number of rewards or based on the order history.

Order Pick Up & Takes Aways

Kiosk technology can provide secure, kiosk managed storage to simplify order pick up or takes away. Restaurants can use foodservice kiosks, such as an automated locker system, to increase order capacity, decrease restaurant congestion, increase customer base and reduce overhead.

Self Ordering Kiosk: The available solution

If the above explanations have been convincing, you should definitely consider using Self Ordering Kiosk for Gastro. The main benefit is that your customer can order from their phone. Since the module is a web-based solution, you can host it and share the URL with your customers.